The NMEF Story

About the New Milford Education Foundation

Incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, the New Milford Education Foundation (NMEF) is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching, enhancing and supporting New Milford’s public education system.


The NMEF Mission

The NMEF supports New Milford Public Schools in providing a challenging and enriching educational experience that maximizes the learning potential of every student and prepares them to succeed in the 21st century. The Foundation provides incentives to stimulate excellence in the New Milford Public Schools by awarding grants for projects, programs and purchases that support the curriculum and facilities, by funding scholarships for students and professional development for educators, and by raising the profile of public education in New Milford.

The NMEF accomplishes this by :

Identifying and investing in projects and opportunities that are consistent with our Mission and that will have a quantifiable and measured impact on the experience of students, teachers and parents.


  • Providing funding for worthy educational projects, enrichment programs and other educational initiatives not financially viable through traditional local, state or federal sources;
  • Encouraging teacher innovation and creativity and student engagement in education through selective motivational awards, scholarships, and grants for educational activities of unique and high value;
  • Investing in programs that have a positive impact on student success;
  • Supporting district-wide learning initiatives through merit-based grants to teachers;
  • Fostering the advancement of professional practice through grants for staff development;
  • Providing funding for facilities improvement and expansion, district technological needs not available through traditional local, state or federal sources;
  • Understanding the District’s long-range technology plan and supporting or complementing those initiatives measured to produce the most effective result;
  • Responding to emerging educational needs;
  • Fostering collaborative projects with community partners;
  • Engaging the community in fundraising through mobilizing broad community support for public schools;
  • Developing a network of New Milford alumni to encourage their continued interest in and support of public education;
  • Seeking and cultivating private and corporate funding sources;
  • Acting as an independent advocate and agent for change in the New Milford Public School District on behalf of students, parents and the community at large.

The NMEF’S Values and Guiding Principles :

The following values and guiding principles provide the fundamental guideposts for the routine operations, decision-making and future planning of NMEF.


  • All students regardless of ability, race, ethnicity, gender or socio-economic status require the best education the community can deliver to ensure our children are prepared to meet the demands of higher education and excel in an increasingly competitive and global economy;
  • In the transformational power of education for students at all levels of readiness, ability and achievement;
  • In educating the whole child including a focus on physical, social, emotional and intellectual development;
  • Education should be challenging, enriching, inspiring and fun;
  • That diversity of thought, background and experience enriches teaching and provides learning opportunities for all students as they prepare to become citizens and leaders of the 21st Century;
  • New Milford public schools are the foundation of the New Milford community and should be universally supported;
  • In community involvement, volunteerism and direct investment in public education.


  • Encouraging and supporting innovative curriculum and teaching methodologies that focus on educational effectiveness;
  • Being flexible, adaptable and responsive to changing community needs;
  • Funding projects that have the potential for broad (i.e. district-wide, across grade level) and/or long-term impact;
  • Working in partnership with the school districts to understand educational priorities that will inform NMEF’s funding decisions;
  • Operating ethically, with the utmost professionalism, independence and integrity, and with clarity, transparency and accountability in all that the Foundation does within the organization and in the community;
  • Continual improvement and organizational renewal through on-going self-assessment, planning and board development;
  • A comprehensive approach to fundraising and responsible stewardship of all donations.

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